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emily   –   June 02, 2016

Jack O’Connell is featured on the cover of the Summer 2016 issue of Interview Germany. You can find the cover and some gorgeous outtakes in our gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > Interview Germany (Summer)
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Interview Germany
emily   –   May 13, 2016

Jack’s feature in Evening Standard Magazine released today. You can check out digital scans from the issue in the gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > ES Magazine (May 13)
emily   –   May 09, 2016

Thanks to my friend Nicole, I have added three scans of Jack featured in the May 7th issue of D La Repubblica to the gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > D La Repubblica (May 7)
emily   –   April 18, 2016

My copy of the 10th issue of Hunger Magazine finally came in the mail today from the UK. I have added scans from the issue to the gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > Hunger Magazine – Issue 10
emily   –   April 15, 2016

Money Monster” is featured in the April 22/29 issue of Entertainment Weekly. You can check out a high quality digital scan from the issue in our gallery!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > Entertainment Weekly (April 22/29)
emily   –   March 29, 2016

Jack is featured in Issue 10 of Hunger Magazine. You can check out the cover of the issue and a few outtakes from the shoot in our gallery. I ordered the magazine around a week ago, so hopefully I’ll get it soon and add scans!

Magazine Scans > 2016 > Hunger Magazine – Issue 10
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Hunger Magazine
emily   –   March 13, 2016

Jack did an interview for ShortList last month. You can check out the cover and some great outtakes in our gallery! You can also read the interview below.

Magazine Scans > 2016 > ShortLIst (February 18)
Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > ShortList

SHORTLIST – Jack O’Connell made a name for himself playing delinquents. Has he changed? Not if his new role is anything to go by

“I’ve got gaping nostrils,” says Jack O’Connell, wiping his nose with a tissue he’s rescued from the depths of his back pocket. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed?” I hadn’t, actually, I say. “You’re just being polite, Louise,” he says, in that now recognisably deep, Derbyshire drawl. “Right, what was the question again?”

Chatting with O’Connell for 45 minutes is a disarming affair. Not just because we’re squished together on a table so tiny I keep accidently kicking the leg (and him. Sorry again, Jack). There’s his unquestionable charm, sure. The boyish grins. The effing and blinding his way through sentences. But there’s also a laddish, unpredictable side to him that bubbles under the surface of his Fred Perry polos. When we first sit down, I ask about his ShortList shoot. Does he enjoy those things? “Nah,” he says. “It’s f*cking boring, isn’t it?”

Or take the subject of his new play, The Nap. O’Connell plays a young, Sheffield-born snooker player, Dylan Spokes, who’s fending off pre-second round nerves, his ex-con dad and a local gangster called Waxy Chuff. In keeping with the play’s theme, ShortList arranged to meet O’Connell in a suburban town snooker hall, 20 miles from nowhere. As he expertly pots a red, then a blue, I mention the play is described as a ‘comedy thriller’…

“I dunno,” he interrupts. “I can tell you the name of the critic who wrote that. But let’s not, for security reasons.”You get the impression he’s caught between two Jacks: the burgeoning, hot Hollywood property who shakes my hand, dressed in Paul Smith jeans, swaggy Burberry jacket and one particularly expensive-looking Victorinox watch. But then the lad from Derby emerges, the one who graciously describes his upcoming film, HHhH, as a job “that’s torn me a new bumhole” and you can’t quite connect this Jack with the guy who Angelina Jolie once flew up to meet in her helicopter. “Sorry for the turn of phrase,” he grins.
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emily   –   February 07, 2016

Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know that the site is now accessible at You can still access the site through and too:)

Jack is featured in the March issue of Vogue UK. I have added two outtakes from the gallery and two digital scans from the magazine to the gallery!

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2016 > Vogue UK
Magazine Scans > 2016 > Vogue UK (March)
emily   –   September 24, 2015

I have updated the gallery with scans of Jack in the Autumn/Winter 2015 issue of British GQ Style. I’m in love with the photos!

Magazine Scans > 2015 > British GQ Style – Autumn/Winter 2015